Upcoming Clinics and Camps

2023 Summer Camps

At Field of Champions & Preston Park
June 26 - 29, 9AM - 2PM
July 17 - 20, 9AM - 2PM
August 7-10, 9AM - 2PM
Ages 7-13
**Grouped according to skill, age and requests
Field of Champions is hosting its annual series of Summer Softball Camps!!  Join us for one, or join us for all. Each will have its own set of unique drills, topics of discussion and teaching points - but the same message resonates...
"Having fun is the best way to learn.  If you're not having fun, you're missing the point."  Your athlete will leave camp with tools that will help her in all areas of her game - skill, strength, knowledge, nourishment & confidence...to name a few.
We aim to challenge our students to be better softball players, teammates and strong & confident young women.  We have an excellent group of coaches comprised of former and current college & high school players.  They are talented at creating a safe, fun, positive environment for athletes to explore their potential in.
Here's what you can look forward to per camp:
  • 4 days = 20 hours of coaching & mentoring from top coaches & players in the area 
  • In depth focus on hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, baserunning, game strategy, etc.
  • Mental training, self confidence & team building 
  • Interactive presentation with Nutritionist, Lia Facchine
  • Goal setting
  • Recovery
  • Training on-field and in cages
  • Softball specific strength/conditioning with top tier trainers from Decater Performance.   
  • FOC Swag
$325 per camp

Sliding, Diving & Baserunning Clinic

At Centennial Park (Snoqualmie, WA)
August 3rd & 4th - 12PM - 3PM
Back by popular demand!   Join Field of Champions, DW Softball and our group of AMAZING coaches on Thursday August 4th and Friday August 5th as we host the EPIC Sliding, Diving and Baserunning Clinic!!  Sliding and diving are our key focuses in this 2 day event so prepare to get dirty!  Yes, there WILL be a Slip 'N Slide!

*All skill levels and ages welcome and will be grouped accordingly.

Why Baserunning?

There is so much focus on hitting, pitching and defense and often times baserunning gets lost in the mix.  We believe that baserunning is an art, a pivotal skill needed to score runs and essentially win ball games.  Speed is not enough to be a great baserunner.  When paired with game awareness and an agressive mentality it creates a LETHAL combo!  

Safe & Smart

In order to teach the correct fundamentals of sliding, diving and baserunning we've brought in some fantastic current and former softball players to help show how it's done.  We're not afraid to get dirty right along with you to help demonstrate proper sliding and diving techniques!  You'll learn how to safely slide and dive into bases, how and when to execute different types of slides, as well as situational strategies (tagging up, force and tag plays, pickles, etc.)


There will be special focus on speed and agility each day.  We specifically target the needs of fastpitch softball athletes.  You can expect to improve your running technique, footwork and overall fluidity.  We will work on specific techniques such as exploding out of the box after a hit, getting a good jump off the base, timing, etc.  




$100 Single Day

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