What to expect in our lessons...

It's our true belief that progress is made best in a positive environment where athletes can maximize failure.  Our mission is to provide that environment along and teach the skill set needed to become the players and people our students aspire to be.


Our goal is to teach our students that with vision, desire, discipline, hard work, and confidence THEIR goals are all within reach.  We work hard to challenge our girls to become more aware of their bodies, aware of their potential, and to realize the impact the mental input has on our physical output.  We spend a majority of our time outside of our "comfort zones" - and learning how to be comfortable there.


Lessons range from 30 minutes to an 1 hour.  Individual, group and team training are all available.  Players can expect to work on fundamentals, becoming more supportive and productive teammates while sharpening their mental approach.


Our passion for softball has evolved over time, from being fiercely competitive players to now teaching what we've learned from coaches, teammates, mentors and our own experiences between and outside the lines.  We are personally invested in each one of our students and are driven to help them along their journey, whatever it may be.  You will work hard, you will be challenged, you will make mistakes but most importantly you will have FUN!  If you're not having fun, you're missing the point.

DW Softball

Hard Work. Hustle. Heart.


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